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TSAM has been delivering world-class buy-side events globally for 17 years, with annual meetings in London, Toronto, New York, Boston, and Hong Kong!

We understand that to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of teams, processes, and strategies, industry networking is an essential tool for senior leaders. Your opportunity to network with global counterparts is at the heart of how we have constructed TSAM Regulations & Compliance – why try and reinvent the wheel in isolation, when you can take ideas from people in a similar position to yourself?


TSAM Regulations & Compliance will bring together 100+ senior leaders, fostering a particularly intimate environment through focused educational groups.

Over two interactive days of learning and networking, buy-side leaders will glean knowledge from the best in Europe, and take home market leading strategies to both optimise and future proof their organisations.

Our roundtable format enables you to easily network with your peers within the conference rooms, in addition to the plethora of networking sessions interspersed throughout the two days. And of course, following a packed first day of focussed conversations, you’ll be able to unwind and join your fellow TSAM Regulations & Compliance attendees at the post-event drinks reception!


Future Proofing for Brexit – Minimizing the Business Impact of Impending Rulings

For financial institutions globally, the impact of the UK leaving the EU is argued to be perhaps the biggest potential business risk in a decade. Preparing for Brexit is a must… but how do you prepare for the unknown?

Insights from COOs – Impact of Rising Regulations on Your Operating Model

The relentless rise in regulatory and compliance initiatives, year on year, has put a huge strain on players like yourself in the industry. Costs increase. Workloads increase. Pressure increases. Staying on top of the swathes of regulations is an essential, but often pricey business!

MiFID II Mop-Ups – Fine Tuning Processes to Limit Disruption Across the Business

The sighs of relief exhaled on January 3rd were short lived – MiFID II obligations continue to evolve and at this stage, there is still much to be done.

The Future for Cross Border Distribution

This session will focus on themes like: what is going to replace passporting and how it will affect your firm; what do these changes mean for places like Luxembourg and Ireland?; subsidiary offices and maintaining presence inside the UK and EU; passporting, equivalence, and reverse solicitation; what additional regulatory requirements can be expected?

Regulatory Pressure on Sustainability

Sustainability is here to stay. With rulings likely to be finalised in the Commission’s next term, ensuring your firm is ready is key to remaining both competitive and compliant.

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From Reactive to Proactive – How Compliance Leaders Can Influence Future Regulations

The deluge of regulations imposed upon buy-side practitioners has not just strained workloads but has impacted on the relationship between compliance leaders and regulators. By closer collaboration, can we foster a more proactive approach to regulations within the industry?